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Barcode Labels

Aluminium Barcode Labels
Barcode Label
Aluminium Barcode Labels

The rigid variety is supplied in two distinctly different types, and can be interchanged within applications. This label is often referred to as brushed aluminium or anodised aluminium or even just metal tags. It is the standard aluminium label used for a multitude of applications and print is done in black on the “silver” background of the label or a combination of colours (up to full color). Thereafter the label is covered with a clear coating to prevent scratches damaging the printed image. Aluminium labels can have company logos with up to 4 colors in the logo, company names, one dimensional barcodes, two-dimensional barcodes, human readable asset numbers, holes for mounting, and square or round corners.

Durable Barcode Labels

This barcode label has wide range of applications, its wide application base and numerous benefits it offers.

  • Made from durable plastic

  • Printing does not smudge, rub off or fade

  • Easy to use and apply

  • Fits securely on a wide variety of surfaces

  • Fits easily and securely on curved surfaces

  • Are extremely difficult to tear

Void non-tear barcode label
Void Barcode Labels

A very popular choice for customers who need to be sure that an item has been tampered with, especially where warranty claims may become void due to tampering. Although slightly more expensive than in-house printed paper-based warranty stickers, these labels offer a much higher sense of security because of the non-tear nature and the VOID imprint that stays behind on the article.

Non-Destruct Destruct Barcode Label
Non-Destruct Barcode Labels

Although the uses of the Non-Destruct labels are similar to those of the Void labels, the main difference is that the Non-Destruct labels tear and crumble when someone tries to remove them. This feature makes it ideal for situations where, for example, a void in warranty or tampering needs to be indicated but the customer’s access to the item should not be hindered. Typical examples may include boxed software applications, confidential mail, medicinal packaging, etc.

India, Nigeria, Botswana, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi,

Namibia, Swaziland, Mozambique, China, Saudi Arabia

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