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RFID Passive UHF Tags

Techsolutions has a large range of tags. The most popular ones are shown here. We also design and manufacture tags for special applications, such as rugged tags for high temperatures. If you don't find the ones you are looking for then please contact us

Rugged Waterproof RFID Passive Tag M Economy
P-Economy Rugged Tag for Non-Metal Assets

P-Economy is a tough and rugged waterproof UHF tag used for tracking non-metal assets and goods such as sugar bags, tobacco, furniture, pallets, etc. Dimensions: 199 x 22 x 8mm. It has a read range of up to 6m.

Rugged Waterproof RFID Passive Tag M Prince
P-Chief Tag for Metal Assets

P-Chief is a rugged waterproof UHF tag for tracking metal assets and equipment such as machinery, parts, containers, railway cars, trolleys, trailers, etc. Dimensions: 90 x 34 x 7mm. It has a read range of up to 4m. 

RFID UHF Rugged Frequency Independent Tag
P-Deft Tag

The P-Deft tag is a rugged, frequency independent tag that operates effectively with a read range of over 7m when attached to metal. It has high durability and can be attached by thread, cable tie or adhesive tape. P-Deft can be effectively used in asset tracking, warehouse management, RTI, railway coach and container tracking, factory automation, and more.  

Mini Micro UHF RFID Passive On-Metal Tag for Machinery and Equipment
M-Iron Mini for Machinery and Equipment

Rugged on-metal tag with square footprint for various on-metal asset tracking applications. M-Iron Mini is a suitable for returnable transit items and industrial assets that face tough weather conditions and rough handling. Due to its compact size, M-Iron Mini can be used on smaller assets. Dimensions: 27 x 27 x 5.5mm. It has a read range of up to 5m

Rugged Waterproof RFID Passive Tag M Crown
P-Apex Tag for Metal Assets

P-Apex is a tough and rugged waterproof UHF tag for tracking metal items, assets and equipment such as machinery, parts, containers, railway cars, trolleys, trailers, etc. Dimensions: 150 x 25 x 12mm. It has a read range of up to 9m.

P-Ear Tag for Cattle

P-Ear is a rugged waterproof UHF ear tag for tracking cattle and sheep. It is made from TPU material and has a read range of up to 5m. 

RFID UHF Small High Memory Tag
P-Apt Tag

The P-Apt Tag is very small in size and has a good read range, especially when attached to metal. It has a mounting hole for cable ties or other methods of attachment. P-Apt is ideal for applications that require high memory for storing the information of backup tapes, servers, hard drives and media tapes. It can be used for inventory control of small tools and manufacturing equipment, or for tracking servers and network routers. 

Rugged Waterproof RFID Passive On-Metal Tag for Tracking Metal Assets
M-Iron Tag for Asset Tracking

M-Iron is a rugged waterproof UHF tag for tracking metal assets and equipment such as machinery, parts, containers, railway cars, trolleys, trailers, etc. Dimensions: 52x48x10mm. It has a read range of up to 15m.

Rugged Extreme UHF RFID Passive On-Metal Tag for Harsh Environments
X-Extreme for Harsh Environments

X-Extreme is a UHF tag constructed to perform well under extreme heat and repeated exposure to caustic fluids and hot water wash cycles. It is ATEX certified for use in explosive atmospheres. X-Extreme can be used for bulk container tracking, AGV/small vehicle management, RTI management, and more.

UHF RFID Passive Tool Tracking Tag for Harsh Environments
T-Tool Tag for Tool Tracking

T-Tool is a compact on-metal UHF tag with an IP68 rating for harsh environments. It is often used for tracking tools, WIP conveying equipment and IT/telecom equipment such as servers and base stations. Despite its compact size, it can be read at up up to 6m. 

Micro Small UHF RFID Passive Tool Tag
T-Tiny Tag for Small Assets and Tools

The T-Tiny RFID tag is designed to be attached to smaller metal assets. Its dimensions are 12.8 x 7.08 x 3.08mm, which makes it suitable for IT asset identification, tool tracking and medical device management.

UHF RFID Passive On-Metal Slim Tag for Asset Tracking
M-Iron Slim for Asset Tracking

M-Iron Slim is an on-metal UHF RFID tag  for tracking various assets from returnable transit items to industrial assets. Its slim design makes it easier to attach the tag to compact metal items. M-Iron Slim is designed to have a wider radiation pattern, giving it a higher level of flexibility and reliability.

UHF RFID All-Purpose Tag for Logistics Applications
X-Legacy for Logistics Applications

X-Legacy is an all-purpose tag. It functions as well on metal as on plastic, wood, or any other material. It is a Gen2 UHF hard tag specially designed for excellent performance in the goods transportation industry, providing the best performance-to-cost ratio in the market. Its features form an optimal combination for industrial and logistics applications. 

RFID UHF Small Tool Tag for tracking tools, weapons, medical devices
T-Tool Micro

The T-Tool Micro is an EPC Class 1 Gen 2 compliant tag that achieves stunning read ranges. It is often used for IT management, tool tracking, medical device tracking, weapon tracking, and more. 

Micro Miniature RFID Passive Tag for IT Applications
CS-WaveMicro for Small Assets

The CS-WaveMicro is a miniature on-metal UHF tag suitable for a wide variety of IT asset management applications. Its dimensions are 38 x 13 x 3mm and it complies with a IP67rating.

UHF RFID Passive All-Surface Tag
CS-WaveMicro II for ICT and Electronics

CS-WaveMicro II is a small-sized UHF all-surface tag with outstanding read range for its size. While peak performance is achieved when the tag is attached to metal,  it can also be used on any surface or even hanging. The versatile attachment options make this small product a real all-around indoor asset tag and enables new possibilities in ICT and electronics tracking.

RFID UHF Compact Tag Full Frequency Range
CS-Compact II

The CS-Compact II UHF RFID tag provides a cost effective solution for data centers and other environments that require a tag that can read across the entire RFID frequency range. With optimal performance both on and off metal, CS-Compact II can be used for IT assets management, data center server tracking, financial services, global supply chain logistics, and more. 

Rugged UHF RFID Tag for RTI Tracking
AS-RTI Slim for RTI Tracking

AS-RTI Slim is a tough UHF RFID tag designed to survive in harsh environments. It is resistant to scratching and beating, making it a good choice for use with RTIs (returnable transport items). AS-RTI Slim can endure repeated wash cycles, high temperatures and chemicals while still providing reliable automated real-time tracking.

RFID Passive Silicone Laundry Tracking Tag
S-Flex Silicone Laundry Tag

The S-Flex flexible silicone UHF laundry tag works effectively in laundry applications. This soft and washable tag has a very good read range and can last up to 200 wash cycles

RFID UHF Compact Tag for Metal and Non-metal surfaces

CS-Compact is an EPC Class 1 Gen 2 compliant RFID tag that has an optimal size-to-performance ratio at an affordable price. CS-Compact has outstanding performance on metallic and non-metallic surfaces and can be used for RTI tracking, pallet logistics, storage rack identification, asset tracking, and more. 

Rugged UHF RFID Tag for RTI Tracking
AS-RTI II for RTI Tracking

AS-RTI II is an easy-to-use on-metal tag suitable for various industrial assets and returnable transport items such as roll cages, pallets, plastic crates and totes. It is also used for tracking items in manufacturing, food processing, and distribution. Due to its unique design, AS-RTI II performs well both on metal surfaces as well as on other materials.  

Passive RFID Laptop Theft Prevention Tag
TP-Safe Laptop Tag

The TP-Safe Laptop Tag is a thin, compact UHF tag with an aesthetically pleasing design which is used for laptop theft prevention. We provide custom printing for the tagging of laptop and notebook computers.

RFID Passive UHF Tyre Tire Tag
DX-Bold Tyre Tag

The DX-Bold UHF Gen 2 RFID tyre tag is in the form of a patch which can be attached with a vulcanizing method to the inside of any tyre, from motorcycle tyres to large tyres used on dump trucks. It was designed for the management and tracking of tyres and can be read through the tyre wall up to a distance of 2m.