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Tracking pallets, containers and RTI

RFID Tracking for pallets, containers & RTI

Stacked Pallet

Cloud Hosted Pallet Tracking Platform


SmartPallet is a Cloud based solution for tracking Returnable Transport Items (RTI) such as crates, bins, containers and pallets nested into pallet loads. SmartPallet can link to Goods Receive Notes and Delivery Notes in order to keep track of RTI’s dispatched to and received from each participant in the logistics chain. 

Through the SmartPallet Platform, suppliers and clients can log in and view the location of each RTI in real time. Through improved visibility, the utilisation of RTI’s is substantially improved.

Pallet Identification:


SmartPallet supports a number of mechanisms for the identification of RTI’s. These include:

  • Barcode labels

  • Passive RFID (HF and UHF) labels

  • RTLS (Real Time Location Systems)


Depending on the type of RTI, the goods and how the RTI is handled, up to 4 labels per item could be required.

Reader and Installation:

Depending on the type of RTI, the goods and how the RTI is handled, up to 4 labels per item could be required. SmartPallet supports a range of barcode and RFID readers in different formats, protocols and frequencies. This include the following:

  • RFID and barcode Handheld readers

  • RFID Dock door portal readers

  • RFID Conveyer belt readers


The data from these readers is stored and forwarded to the SmartPallet platform.

Euro Pallets
Flow Bins

SmartPallet Features:

  • Automated registration of RTI’s

  • Automated creation of nested pallet loads

  • Tracking of nested pallets, cartons and pallet loads

  • Deconsolidation of nested pallet loads

Other Features include:

  • Multiple tags per tracked pallet/carton

  • High level of data integrity

  • High reliability through automated handling of mixed pallet read errors

  • Automated error handling and capturing of exceptions

Pallet management functionality includes:

  • Reporting on pallet utilisation

  • Reporting on pallet status and availability

SmartPallet Platform:


The SmartPallet Platform is web based with Cloud hosted software which provides real time visibility of RTI and RTI movements to all participants in the logistics chain. Each member of the chain can log in and view:

  • Number of RTI’s on their site

  • Number of RTI’s dispatched per Delivery Note

  • Number of RTI’s received per Goods Received Note

SmartPallet is scalable for fast rollout and supports interfaces for multiple sites and multiple entrances per site.

Improved Utilisation:

SmartPallet can substantially improve RTI utilisation through the following features:

  • An audit function: Using a handheld scanner, any participant can audit the RTI’s on site and upload the results to the SmartPallet Platform for reconciliation

  • A status function: by installing scanners at the point of consumption, SmartPallet will be altered and will change the status of the RTI from Full to Empty, triggering the return collection of the RTI

  • A billing engine: SmartPallet includes a number of billing models which allows participants to be charged for RTI’s which are not returned within the defined cycle time.

Systems Integration:

SmartPallet provides a number of interfaces for integration to Warehouse Management Systems and ERP systems.

RFID Pallet Tracking Tagging Returnable Transport Items

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Namibia, Swaziland, Mozambique, China, Saudi Arabia

Image by Romain HUNEAU
Wooden Pallet
Shipping Containers


Cracked Concrete Wall



Tracking pallets, containers and RTI

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