LR2 License Card Reader

The LR2 is a rugged portable scanner which scans and logs the following:

  • South African Vehicle license disks: scans, logs and displays vehicle make, model, colour, type, Registration Number, Chassis Number (VIN), etc.

  • South African Drivers license cards: scans, logs and displays name, ID Number, license type, expiry date, etc. The Photo is also captured and displayed for verification.

  • South African ID numbers in barcoded ID books.

  • Passport Numbers

  • Take photos of people and/or documents

Up to 30,000 records can be stored on the device and uploaded WiFi USB or WiFi.

The LR2 is typically purchased with the  SecureVisitor  Cloud Service

India, Nigeria, Botswana, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi,

Namibia, Swaziland, Mozambique, China, Saudi Arabia

LR4 License Card Reader

The LR4 is a rugged portable Android based scanner. It provides all the functionality of the LR2 in addition to the following:

  • Username and password security

  • GPS location

  • Number of passengers

  • Name of host/company visited

  • Direction: Entry/Exit

  • Displays hot list details  

The LR2 is typically purchased with the  SecureVisitor  Cloud Service.

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