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AssetSentinel is an active RFID asset theft prevention system which verifies that all detected asset movement is authorised. Alarms are triggered by unauthorised asset movement.


AssetSentinel detects where the associated asset owner is present when the asset tag is read by the reader. If the owner is not present or the asset movement is unauthorised, an alarm is generated. Tags have a low battery indicator and can have anti-tamper functionality as well. To utilise the anti-tamper functionality the tag signal needs to be detected by a reader. 

Can be used for:

• asset control and security

• mobile and laptop computers

• artworks and valuable items

Laptop Theft Prevention RFID Tags Tracking Security System

Features & benefits:


• Aesthetically pleasing tag design

• Operates alone standing or can integrate to access control systems

• Generates alarms and logs asset movement details

• Detects tag tampering from up to 100m

• Locates tags within the read field up to 3m using tag locators

• Ideal for multi-story buildings

Tag Functionality:

Uses Active RFID technology

• Various tag formats: laptop tags, asset tags, personnel tags and ATX certified

• Battery life: 2 – 5 years

• Low battery signal

• Optional: tamper, movement and locator activated


Reader Functionality:

• Network: RS485 or Ethernet

• Range: 5 - 30 meters indoors up to 100m outdoors

AssetSentinel Security Point Interface
System Diagram

Software Functionality:

• The functionality includes the following:

• Cloud hosted

• Registering an asset and associating the owner 

• Verifying the asset and associated owner

• Logging asset movement

• Generating alarms when associated owner is not in the proximity of the asset


There are 3 interfaces:

• Asset Registration Interface: used to register assets and personnel, linking assets to personnel and setting alarm conditions

• Asset Alert Interface: Reporting and clearing of alarms

• Security Point Interface: Displays to security point personnel the details of assets which created alarms.

India, Nigeria, Botswana, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi,

Namibia, Swaziland, Mozambique, China, Saudi Arabia

1219 Cobham Road, Pretoria, South Africa

+27 12 403-0091


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Asset Theft Prevention - Active RFID





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