Our RFID and barcode systems are designed for a variety of applications and make use different RFID components including active and passive RFID tags, readers, antennas, and Cloud-based data management. Our RFID and barcode products are listed on our Products page.


SmartAsset is an industry-leading Cloud hosted RFID asset tracking, management and inspection system for small to enterprise-sized businesses.

An all-in-one solution to solve the asset tracking needs of IT departments, government and educational agencies, healthcare, and small to large companies across the globe. This RFID asset tracking solution is capable of meeting the high demands of your business.

LaptopSentinel is a passive RFID laptop theft prevention system verifies that an employee leaving the building with a laptop is authorised to do so.

When employees leave the building, RFID readers will detect the laptop tags and can sound alarms to prevent laptop theft. 

The LaptopSentinel software retrieves the details of the laptop and the employee responsible for it and logs the movement and alarm history. The data recorded by tag readers is hosted in the Cloud and can be accessed by laptops, mobile phones and other computer devices when logged onto the system. Integration with access control systems is possible.

LaptopSentinel is an active RFID laptop theft prevention system that verifies that an employee leaving the building with a laptop is authorised to do so. When employees leave the building, RFID readers will detect the laptop tags. LaptopSentinel verifies that the associated laptop owner is present when the laptop tag is read by the RFID reader. If this is not the case, an alarm is generated to prevent laptop theft. Tags have a low battery indicator and can have anti-tamper functionality as well. To utilise the anti-tamper functionality the tag signal needs to be detected by a reader. 

Our RFID systems are designed for a variety of applications and make use different RFID components including active and passive RFID tags, readers, antennas, and Cloud-based data management. Our RFID components are listed on our Products page.


SmartInventory is an RFID inventory tracking and management system that increases inventory management efficiency. With SmartInventory, it is possible to count tagged stock by walking past shelves and waving an RFID scanner. This makes it possible to do inventory counts and stocktaking for a whole store in the time it takes to cash up. 

Our RFID inventory management system has been adapted and used for retail applications in combination with our mobile RFID readers, RFID portal scanners, and retail-specific RFID tag and label products.

TechLib provides an automated RFID book checking system using a counter scanner. A handheld RFID reader is used to count tagged book inventory, and an RFID portal scanner with alarm capabilities verifies that books leaving the premises have been checked out. Various Library Management Systems are supported, and it is possible to integrate our system into existing check-out systems.


RFID-Access helps you gain control over the vehicles entering and exiting the premises, increasing security and allowing employees with tagged vehicles to enter without a hassle.

This is an efficient and effective RFID vehicle access system for office parks, security estates and logistic depots. Use the latest secure RFID technology in combination with Cloud-based reporting and enrollment. 

Our RFID Secure Visitor Management system replaces the traditional manual visitor’s register book for efficient RFID visitor management and security. With this system, all visitor information is electronically captured from the visitor’s driver’s license card and vehicle license disk, and is recorded and time stamped. All data is stored on the Cloud and is available 24/7, providing instant access to all records. 

An automated RFID weigh bridge monitoring system which records and extracts weight data associated with tagged vehicles as they drive through the weigh bridge. 

When a truck arrives onto the weigh bridge, its unique RFID tag is recorded by our LR-100 RFID fixed reader. Our software component extracts the weight data from the Trek Scale database, links it to the vehicle tag ID and sends it to our servers using the GPRS modem of the Techsolutions LR-100.


SmartHaulage is an automated RFID haulage tracking and management system that helps mine managers keep track of hopper, LHD and dump truck movement, as well as tonnage moved, maintenance, and safety regulations both underground and on the surface. Manual inputs are often unreliable, but with SmartHaulage all data is reported in real time and is easily accessible through our Cloud-based reporting system. 

PPETracker is an automated RFID system designed to track and manage PPE items. The management of Personal Protective Equipment and compliance to safety regulations is an important aspect of mining. PPETracker can be integrated with miner swipe cards to keep track of miner shifts. 

CableSentinel is a cable management and theft prevention system. Cable theft is a common problem in mines and often leads to significant financial losses for mining companies. CableSentinel is a system designed specifically to prevent the theft of cables and to help mine companies manage their cable records. 

OreTracker is an automated RFID ore flow tracking system. Many mining companies struggle to keep track of the origin and movement of their conveyed ore and waste flows. Washers, wooden blocks and metal balls are often used, but are not always effective. With OreTracker, the ore tracking process is automated through the use of RFID tags and scanners, providing an efficient solution for mines to keep track of the origin and movement of the ore and waste flows. 


MobileAsset is a stand alone RFID mobile asset tracking solution for small to medium-sized businesses.

MobileAsset will improve efficiency and reduce cost by automating your asset tracking process. MobileAsset takes asset management to a higher level, giving you the ability to save time and money, end equipment losses, improve equipment maintenance, gain control over new and unnecessary equipment purchases.

SmartPallet is a Cloud based RFID system for tracking Returnable Transport Items (RTI) such as crates, bins, containers and pallets nested into pallet loads. SmartPallet uses RFID tags and readers to track pallets, and can link to Goods Receive Notes and Delivery Notes in order to keep track of RTI’s dispatched to and received from each participant in the logistics chain. Through the SmartPallet Platform, suppliers and clients can log in and view the location of each RTI in real time. Through improved visibility, the utilisation of RTI’s is substantially improved.


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