RFID Secure Visitor Management

RFID Secure Visitor Management

Secure Visitor Management solution replaces the traditional manual Visitor’s Register Book.

With the Secure Visitor Management Solution all information is electronically captured from the visitor’s driver’s license card and vehicle license disk, recorded and time stamped. All records are stored on the device and automatically uploaded to the secure storage in the Cloud. Reports can be viewed and downloaded from the site www.securevisitor.co.za


  • Convenience: No more vistor log books to keep track of.

  • Security: All data is obtained by scanning vehicle licenses and driver's licenses, providing a secure solution with no more false information

  • Low Cost: Only expense is a monthly fee to access the online portal

  • Data life: Data is stored on the cloud which means historical data is readily available.

RFID Secure Visitor Management System

LR2 Scanner

The LR2 scanner is the workhorse of the security industry and used by many security companies. Over the years it has proven its reliability in this tough environment.

Driver's License and ID Card scanner

LR5 and LR5T Scanners

The LR5 scanner is the latest scanner which is Android based and provides additional functionality such as username and password login, GPS location and additional fields for capturing visitor details.


Secure Visitor Supports both the LR2 and the LR5 scanners.  The scanner displays on screen the details of the items scanned and stores it locally on the device. Up to 30,000 scans can be stored. When the scanner senses a WiFi connection with Internet access, it automatically uploads its data.  It is also possible to use a WiFi to 3G/4G router for Internet access. The SecureVisitor system can be purchased from our online store.

License Card Scanner Automated


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Keeping track of your visitors

Secure Visitor Management