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RFID Secure Visitor Management


RFID Secure Visitor Management

RFID Secure Visitor Management System

The SecureVisitor Management solution replaces the traditional manual Visitor’s Register Book.

NEW: Secure Visitor is now integrated with our
COVID TempScan solution to provide COVID compliant temperature measurement features for visitor management


SecureVisitor is a cloud-based visitor management system which replaces the traditional logbook with an efficient and secure digital solution. Our LR5 scanners can instantly scan the license or ID of drivers or visitors on-foot at the point of entry. SecureVisitor is not only POPI compliant, but also far more secure than a manual logbook. Our devices verify data with the National Centre of Certified Identities (NCCI) in real time, which allows for instant detection of expired, invalid or fraudulent documents. All records are time stamped and automatically uploaded to a secure offsite server. Authorized personnel can access visitor information through the official SecureVisitor website


  • Convenience: No more visitor log books to keep track of

  • Security: All data is obtained by scanning vehicle licenses and driver's licenses, providing a secure and POPI compliant solution

  • Fraud Detection: Data is instantly verified with the National Centre of Certified Identities (NCCI), allowing for detection of expired, invalid or fraudulent documents

  • COVID Compliancy: Our new LR5T scanners have automatic temperature measurement features

  • Gate Integration: Our mobile scanners are integrated with gate motors so that gates can be opened and closed on the scanner interface

  • Data life: Data is stored on the cloud which means historical data is readily

  • Low Cost: Only expense is a monthly fee to access the online portal


The SecureVisitor system can be used in a variety of settings including office buildings, interior reception, estates, construction sites, roadblocks, and more.


Our LR5T scanners provide an automatic temperature measurement feature which ensures for efficient and COVID compliant visitor management.


Secure Visitor Supports both the LR5 and LR5T scanners.  The scanner displays on screen the details of the items scanned and stores it locally on the device. Up to 30,000 scans can be stored. When the scanner senses a WiFi connection with Internet access, it automatically uploads its data.  It is also possible to use a WiFi to 3G/4G router for Internet access. The SecureVisitor system can be purchased from our online store.

LR5 License Scanner

LR5 Scanner

The LR5 scanner is the latest scanner which is Android based and provides additional functionality such as username and password login, GPS location and additional fields for capturing visitor details.


The LR5T has the same functionality as the LR5 but also includes an electronic infrared temperature scanner that allows for quick and efficient temperature recording for businesses and schools in order to manage Covid 19 infections. 

LR5T Temperature Scanner
SecureVisitor Supported Documents

Comparison of Scanner Functionality

SecureVisitor License Scan

Secure Visitor Cloud-based storage of data and records

SecureVisitor Cloud


Cracked Concrete Wall


Keeping track of your visitors

Secure Visitor Management

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