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RFID Fixed Readers

LR100 UHF RFID Fixed Long Range Reader with Integrated Antenna
LR100 Long Range UHF RFID Reader

The LR100 is a rugged long range UHF reader for outdoor applications with integrated antenna. This is a high performance industrial-class reader with a Linux operating system that supports WiFi and on board user applications (Linux and DotNet). It has a long read range of more than 30m. The LR100 is available in different versions, including dual channel which supports an external antenna. The LR100 has been manufactured by Techsolutions in South Africa for more than 10 years.  It is also approved by ICASA.

The LR100 is used for tracking in mining, warehousing, tolling, parking and access control, weigh bridge automation, and more.  It also supports the various Cloud Platforms provided by Techsolutions including RFID-Access, SmartAsset, SmartInventory, eFreight, etc.

LR300 UHF RFID Fixed Long Range Rugged Reader
LR300 Integrated Reader

The LR300 is a long range reader rugged reader for outdoor applications. With its support for features such as Power over Ethernet (PoE) and 3 additional antenna ports, the LR300 delivers increased deployment flexibility. PoE simplifies deployment and dramatically reduces cost by eliminating the need for AC outlet installation at read points. Internally the LR300 uses the Impinj R420 Speedway reader.

The LR300 has a read range of more than 30m and is used in warehousing and logistics applications.

Impinj Speedway Revolution RFID Fixed Reader
Impinj Speedway Revolution

Impinj’s Speedway Revolution readers deliver the performance, quality, and reliability necessary for robust RFID-based information you can count on. With the largest installed base of fixed readers across a diverse range of applications, high mean time between failure, and a suite of supporting products and tools, the Speedway Revolution reader is an important building block of any item visibility platform solution. Available in a single, dual and 4 channel configuration.

Impinj Speedway R420 Evaluation Kit
Impinj Speedway R420 Evaluation Kit

The Speedway RAIN RFID Reader Evaluation Kit combines Impinj's fixed RAIN RFID reader, near- and far-field antennas, Monza-powered RFID tags, and access to the latest Impinj support tools and documentation in one easy-to-install kit. This kit provides means to analyze the complete UHF Gen 2 answer for any RFID application, and users can quickly verify the efficacy of an entire UHF Gen 2 RFID solution.

Impinj xPortal Gateway RFID Reader
Impinj xPortal Gateway

The Impinj xPortal Gateway reader provides hands-free RFID tracking within linear spaces. It collects item-level analytics at entries and exits in real time. A single xPortal gateway reader has a field view of up to 65 square meters. Its lightweight design (3kg per reader) and plug-and-play configuration simplifies the installation process. The Impinj xPortal Gateway reader provides consistent and broad coverage of the read zone by combining DLPA antenna technology with beam switching and polarization attributes that are dynamically managed by the reader. These portal scanners are used at indoor entrances and exits for many applications including asset tracking, laptop theft prevention, library management, retail tracking, and more. 

Thingmagic USB Plus+ RFID Reader
Thingmagic USB Plus+ Reader

The USB Plus+ RFID Reader is a low cost reader for developing and deploying interactive read/write applications. USB Plus+ is controlled and powered by a host PC or laptop through a USB interface and is compatible with ThingMagic’s application development tools, permitting rapid creation of RFID solutions. With a software adjustable read distance up to 1m, the USB Plus+ supports a variety of applications, including RFID tag commissioning, manufacturing WIP, document tracking, library book check in/out, retail point of sale, event and hospitality services, hospital patient workflows, and more.

Nordic ID Stix UHF RFID Reader USB
Nordic ID Stix

Nordic ID Stix is an affordable credit card sized UHF RFID reader with USB connectivity. It allows an easy way of bringing RFID capabilities into your PC, smartphone or tablet.


  • Extra small UHF RFID reader with USB connectivity

  • Suitable for smartphones and tablets

  • Easy installation

  • USB powered

Impinj xArray Gateway RFID Reader
Impinj xArray Gateway

The Impinj xArray Gateway is a fixed infrastructure RAIN RFID reader system that provides 24/7 wide area monitoring. Designed for large-scale, item-level applications in retail, healthcare, and manufacturing, the xArray Gateway provides real-time item intelligence events including item identity, location and movement. Its low-profile design allows for overhead installations and wall mounting. xArray can track tags as they move through sectors along two axes, which allows xArray to track tag direction. xArray has an impressive coverage area of 139 square meters. 

Fixed UHF RFID CAEN R1260I Slate USB Desktop Reader
CAEN R1260I Slate USB Desktop Reader

The Slate (model R1260I), is a desktop reader of the easy2read© Family, a multi-regional UHF RFID reader with integrated antenna for short to medium range applications. The reader is powered and controlled directly by a USB cable allowing reading of  EPC Class1 Gen2 UHF RFID tags in a desktop environment. Thanks to its low profile (15 mm) and its size (approximately an A4 page), the Slate reader is the perfect choice for various applications such as point-of-sale, document tracking, asset tracking, laundry, tag programming stations and tag enrollment.

CAEN R4300P Long Range Fixed UHF RFID Reader
CAEN R4300P Long Range Reader

The Ion (Model R4300P), is the top-of-the-range portal reader of the easy2read© Family. CAEN RFID has carefully designed the device taking into account customer requests and field experience from RFID installations. The result a UHF reader with a unique combination of features including outstanding RFID read performance, computing power and communication capabilities. The reader is optimized for portal installations, featuring full power and up to 4 antennas, GEN2 Dense Reader Mode management and high speed read rates. This reader also supports the CAEN UHF tags having temperature logging capabilities.