Scan and record electronically

COVID TempScan

COVID TempScan and Recording


  • Complies with COVID-19 regulations

  • Fast processing of personnel and contractors. It only takes 1 second to scan the temperature and 1 second to scan the ID card

  • Non-contact reading of ID card and temperature

  • Convenience: No more paper log books to keep track of

  • Safety: Alerts are given for high temperatures indicating possible infection

  • Secure: All data is stored security in the Cloud.

  • Affordable cost and low monthly fee to upload the data online

  • Data life: Data is stored on the cloud which means historical data is readily available.

The COVID TempScan temperature recording solution scans the forehead temperature of personnel and visitors and records it electronically. 

The LR5T Android scanner has a built-in infrared thermometer as well as a barcode scanner. COVID TempScan includes software which scans the temperature and the barcode on the personnel ID card. The recorded scan data is uploaded to the Cloud.


Step 1: Scan the ID Barcode (this takes about 1 second)

Step 2: Scan the Temperature (this takes about 1 second)

Result for Normal Temperature Scan

Result for High Temperature Scan


COVID TempScan  uses the built-in infrared thermometer of the LR5T Android scanner. The scanner software has username and password security. The result of the scans are displayed on the screen and also recorded on the device.  Up to 30,000  records can be stored. When the scanner senses a WiFi connection with Internet access, it automatically uploads its data to the Cloud.  It is also possible to use 3G/4G router for Internet access. 

Covid TempScan Cloud System

Temperature Data Records Cloud System