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Our products are all components of RFID systems. View our RFID Systems page to see how we integrate products into RFID systems designed for a variety of applications

LR100 UHF RFID Fixed Long Range Reader with Integrated Antenna
Impinj Speedway Revolution RFID Fixed Reader

Our RFID fixed readers are perfect for keeping track of assets and inventory entering and leaving the premises. We often use them in our vehicle access control, weigh bridge automation, and factory-scale inventory management solutions. These readers use radio frequency transmitting and receiving to read and write information to RFID tags which are attached to assets or inventory. The scanners remain in a fixed position. We offer models that have been proven to provide consistent high quality performance and strong functionality which helps our clients maintain reliable RFID systems. 

Our mobile RFID readers and barcode scanners are portable devices that can easily be installed or carried almost anywhere. We use these scanners for inventory management, retail security, asset inspection, and other solutions. The scanners use radio frequency transmitting and receiving to read and write information to RFID tags which are attached to assets or inventory. Our devices can record tag data instantly within their ranges, allowing for efficient stocktaking. The handheld scanners also allow users to input data such as asset condition or quality, which is instantly synchronized with our Cloud-based data management system. 

Mobile RFID scanner

We offer license card readers that instantly extract and record information from driver’s licenses, vehicle licenses, passports, and ID documents. The information is then instantly uploaded to our Cloud-based data management system. The readers can also be used to take photos of people and documents. We offer portable and tabletop scanners. 

Covid19 Temperature Scanner

Our RFID antennas can be integrated with a wide range of RFID tags and readers, and cover both EU and USA RFID bands. We offer linear and circular patch antennas that have been proven to be reliable components in our customers’ RFID systems. 

RFID Circular and Linear Patch Antennas

We offer a range of RFID passive tags that are ideal for a wide range of applications and environments. We have tags designed for tracking non-metal assets and inventory (pallets, sugar bags, tobacco, furniture, etc.), for metal assets and equipment (machinery, parts, railway cars, trolleys, etc.), as well as other applications such as laptop tags, tire tags and laundry tags.  We offer rugged and waterproof tags that can withstand extreme conditions and have proved to be durable.

Rugged Waterproof RFID Passive Tag M Crown
CS Wave Micro Miniature RFID Passive Tag
Rugged Waterproof RFID Passive Tag Iron Side for metal assets

We have a range of more than 1,000 different RFID labels for wide range of applications. Please contact us for assistance in selecting the appropriate ones for your application.

RFID Passive Inlays

Our RFID smart labels are used for tracking inventory, IT assets, equipment, and office furniture. Tag readers can read and write information to the RFID smart labels. 

RFID UHF Smart Label for non-metal surfaces

We offer a variety of barcode labels including aluminium labels, tamper-proof labels and versatile labels that come in adhesive and screw-on forms. This is a low-cost option that can be used for inventory, assets, and equipment.  

Aluminium Barcode Label

We offer adhesive EAS labels for merchandise, as well as EAS-compatible hard tags and ostra pins for tagging clothing, computer hardware, software, liquor, and other types of merchandise. 

We offer wristbands ideal for sports tracking, as well as tokens, stickers and cards used for public transportation, eTickets, document tracking, library management, animal identity, manufacturing processes, and many more applications. 

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+27 12 403-0091

RFID Retail Security Tags
RFID EM EAS Labels for Retail
NFC Sticker
NFC Wristband






Mobile RFID Scanner


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