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RFID Vehicle Access Control

RFID Vehicle Access Control System

RFID-Access helps you gain control over the vehicles entering and exiting the premises, increasing security and allowing employees to enter without a hassle.


This is an efficient and effective vehicle access solution for office parks, security estates and logistic depots. Use the latest secure RFID technology in combination with Cloud-based reporting and enrollment. 

RFID-Access will help businesses and organizations with vehicle access control, automation of booms and gates, traffic control and security, and yard and distribution centre management

Now manufactured in South Africa with local support!

How It Works:

• Each employee or tenant is issued with a RFID tag which will either be mounted on their vehicle or carried by the driver.

• When entering or exiting the premises, the VehicleAccess readers will detect the tag, verify the tag, open the boom or gate. And record the data.

•At regular time intervals, readers will synchronize records with the Cloud based software

• The Cloud software stores all the data of employees and visitors entering or exiting the premises at all times. Authorized personnel can access the history of entries through the Internet as well as load new records.

Tag Functionality:

Uses Passive UHF RFID Technology

• Low cost disposable tags or rugged re-usable tags

• Tag life is theoretically unlimited

• RFID tag numbers are unique, providing a secure solution

• Windscreen mounted, Linear or Credit Card size

• Schedule maintenance service for your assets.

Reader Functionality:

• Installed per lane. One reader covers 2 lanes – one in and one out • Readers are mounted on overhead structures or on the side of the lane

• Long read distance of up to 6m. Power: 220VAC Battery Backup Power Supply is available Vehicle Speed: <200km/h

Cloud Functionality:

• Cloud hosted

• Registering a vehicle and owner

• Verifying the asset and associated owner

• Uses the site

• Users can download daily log reports of vehicle movement


Security: Drivers do not have to wind down their windows, improving security

Convenience: Long distance results in an improved traffic flow.

 Tag life is theoretically unlimited, due to the tag not having any batteries

Low tag cost 

Less maintenance: Passive tags require much less maintenance than battery powered devices

No duplication: RFID tag numbers are unique, providing a secure solution

Plug & Play and Cloud based solutions!

Our Plug & Play solution is sold as package with pre-loaded RFID tags on the reader. All the client needs to do is install the reader, connect the power and gate control and all is up and running!

Data on the Cloud is always available

Detailed Event Reports

• Select report by date
• View vehicle history
• View direction of vehicle

RFID Vehicle Tag and Scanner
RFID Vehicle Tag
RFID Vehicle Access Control Tag Reader Gate
RFID Vehicle Access Control Tag Reader Boom

RFID-Access has its own website and Cloud-based data management system where clients can log in 24/7 to access their data records. 

Watch our video:

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RFID Access Vehicle Access Control
Be in control. 


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