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Keeping track of your inventory

RFID Inventory Management

Imagine just walking past the shelves and waving a scanner to count stock. Imagine being able to do an inventory count for a whole store in the time it takes to cash up. Using RFID makes this a reality.


SmartInventory scans up to 750 items per second. Fixed RFID readers are located at the door to scan items received or dispatched. A handheld scanner is used for taking stock of items inside the store or warehouse. The inventory count is display per SKU.


Quick reconciliation can be made by comparing stock reduction with reported sales. Size, colour, expiry date and batch tracking are easily incorporated. Regular stock take reduces out of stock situations, improved sales and reduces losses.

SmartInventory Handheld:

  • Smart Inventory scans up to 300 items per second at a distance of up to 10m

  • The inventory count is display per SKU

  • Quick reconciliation can be made by comparing stock reduction with reported sales

  • Size, colour, expiry date and batch tracking are easily incorporated


Over the past decade, many of the world’s leading retailers have realised the importance of good inventory management. When a potential customer walks into a store but cannot find the right size or colour, the customer walks out and the lost sale is not recorded anywhere. At the end of the season, the retailer has to spend money promoting fire sales in order to sell stock at discount prices or event below cost.


A good inventory management system can increase sales by between 30% and 100% as well as reduce the level of stock which has to be discounted. The key is to do regular stock takes. With the latest technology called RFID or Radio Frequency Identification, a microchip is imbedded into price label or hang tag. Using a handheld scanner, one person can do a stock take by scanning more than 1,000 items in only a few minutes. This means that stock takes can be done on a daily basis. Stock shortage can be easily identified. The RFID technology also allows the searching for misplaced items

LRH200 RFID & Barcode Scanner
LRH200 RFID and Barcode Scanner with GPS and 3G

SmartInventory Tags and Labels:

The following options are available:

  • The clothing supplier can attach the hang tag

  • The retailer can attach a price tag with embedded microchip

  • We also provide a re-usable option where the microchip is embedded into the security tag


In the last two cases, the handheld scanner will then also be used to register the tags and link them to the retail items.

SmartInventory Architecture:

SmartInventory is a Cloud based solution allowing it to be easily rolled out to multiple stores. SmartInventory can also integrate into the main warehouse management and ERP systems such as SAP, Syspro and Oracle.


Current Clients:


Leading Auction houses such as Park Village Auctions and Aucor has been using SmartAsset to manager the inventory for more than five years.




SmartAsset was developed by Techsolutions and complies fully with South African regulations by ICASA and SABS.

MSL UHF Smart Label

Inner view

Back view

RFID UHF Smart Label for Metal Surfaces

Front view

EAS Anti-Theft Retail Tag Labels
Log In Cloud-based Data Management RFID
Anti-Theft Retail Security Tags
EAS Labels
Security Tags
RFID Inventory Handheld Scanner Register and Stocktake
Cloud-Based Inventory Data Management


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Keeping track of your inventory



SmartInventory for Repossessed Vehicles

SmartInventory for Warehouse Management in Sugar Manufacturing

SmartInventory for Retail

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