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Smart Irrigation for Agriculture

Farming Vegetables


  • Better utilisation of scarce water resources

  • Improved yield

  • Automated system

  • Less maintenance


  • Solar powered wireless valve control with a 16km range

  • Multisensor soil moisture management with 100mm intervals

  • Measurement of water volume flowing through valves

  • Cloud-based dashboard

A Smart Irrigation system which saves water and improves yield through automated water control using soil moisture sensors and solar powered wireless valve control. Our Cloud based dashboard allows synchronized data to be easily accessible on any authorized device.


By measuring soil moisture at different depths, SmartIrr calculates how to consistently provide crops with the right amount of moisture while avoiding water loss through evaporation. SmartIrr has proven the capability to save up to 70% water!

ID Card Scanner
ID Card Scanner

Step 1: Scan the ID Barcode (this takes about 1 second)

Electronic Temperature Scanner

Step 2: Scan the Temperature (this takes about 1 second)

Result for Normal Temperature Scan

Result for High Temperature Scan

Normal Temperature Measurement
High Temperature Measurement


COVID TempScan  uses the built-in infrared thermometer of the LR5T Android scanner. The scanner software has username and password security. The result of the scans are displayed on the screen and also recorded on the device.  Up to 30,000  records can be stored. When the scanner senses a WiFi connection with Internet access, it automatically uploads its data to the Cloud.  It is also possible to use 3G/4G router for Internet access. 

Covid TempScan Cloud System: Where all data records can be accessed through the Cloud

Temperature Data Records Cloud System
Techsolution SmartIrr Irrigation Valve Controller


Save water, improve yield

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