LR2 Driving License Scanner

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The LR2 is a rugged portable scanner which scans and logs the following:

- South African Vehicle license disks: scans, logs and displays vehicle make, model, colour, type, Registration Number, Chassis Number (VIN), etc.

- South African Drivers license cards: scans, logs and displays name, ID Number, license type, expiry date, etc. The Photo is also captured and displayed for verification.

- South African ID numbers in barcoded ID books.

- Passport Numbers

- Take photos of people and/or documents

Up to 30,000 records can be stored on the device and uploaded WiFi USB or WiFi. This device can be used for visitor management security systems.

A Cloud service is also available. Using an Internet connection all the scans are automatically uploaded and captured on line for viewing and/or downloading reports.

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