LR5 Driving License Scanner

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The LR5 is a rugged portable Android scanner. The latest model LR5T adds a Covid infrared thermometer. Using the SecureVisitor App, both models scan and log the following:

- South African Vehicle license disks: scans, logs and displays vehicle make, model, colour, type, Registration Number, Chassis Number (VIN), etc.

- South African Drivers license cards: scans, logs and displays name, ID Number, license type, expiry date, etc. The Photo is also captured and displayed for verification.

- South African ID numbers in barcoded ID books.

- Passport Numbers

- Take photos of people and/or documents

- Logs the number of passengers, Name of person/company being visit

- Direction of travel (entry/exit)

- Displays an alert if a vehicle is on a hot list

Up to 30,000 records can be stored on the device and uploaded WiFi USB or WiFi. This device can be used for visitor management security systems.

The Cloud service is also available. Using an Internet connection all the scans are automatically uploaded and captured on line for viewing and/or downloading reports.

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