TechLib provides automated checking using a counter scanner.


A portal scanner scans books at the exit to verify that books have been checked out and sounds an alarm if it is not the case. A handheld scanner is used for taking inventory. Various Library Management Systems are supported.


Benefits of SmartAsset:

  • library management solution

  • tracking of books, files and media

  • asset control

  • protection of assets, books and media

  • Cloud-based system

How it works:


When a customer arrives at the library counter to check out or check in books, TechLib counter scanner bulk scans the books and media as it is placed on the counter, and stores it on the Cloud-based system. When someone attempts to leave the building without checking out the assets, the security portal will trigger an alarm.

• The TechLib software stores all the data on a Cloud-based system which can be accessed from a laptop, PC or mobile phone. Authorized personnel can access the history of each asset, and also register new assets.

• A handheld RFID scanner allows library personnel to take stock by simply walking past books as the scanner detects all assets within a range or 2 meters

• RFID passive labels are low-cost, supports barcode technology, and the tag life is theoretically unlimited.

• TechLib can be integrated with existing library management systems and no RFID expertise is required by library or business staff as the RFID settings are preconfigured on the scanners and tags.


RFID Tags:

• Low cost UHF Passive labels

• Theoretically unlimited tag life

• Labels are small

• Labels can be barcode printed


Counter/Desk Reader:

• Integrated reader and antenna

• RS232 output

• 110-250 VAC input

• Dimensions: 490x300x65mm

• Size of scanning area: 400x400x300mm

• Suitable for scanning books placed on top of the counter

Security Portal

• Integrated Reader & Antenna

• Slim dimensions

• Ethernet output

• 110-250 VAC input

• Dimensions: 312x1500x50 mm

• Only one cable connecting the two sides

• Alarm & light is triggered by software

RFID Mobile Portable Handheld Scanner
UHF Passive RFID Tag Label

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Software Functionality

• Back End Data interface: TCP sockets, SQL database table

• Front end: Automatically outputs the ID numbers of assets to keyboard wedge

RFID Security Portal Scanner Tag Reader

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